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Wonders of the Lembeh Strait, Splendours of the Sulawesi Sea

After a few delicious days devouring perkedel nike in Manado, Chriswan and I folded ourselves into the front seat of a battered old bus bound for the small port city of Bitung, where we hopped on a speed boat sent to meet us by Two Fish Divers of Lembeh, an island on the northeast tip […]

Munching Madly in Manado / Pasar Ekstrim

For my final night in Bandung I had a little farewell at my friends Aisah and Vincent Wolfard’s home in Dago Atas. I brought a hefty plastic bag of my favourite Indonesian cuisine, Manadonese, or more appropriately Minahasan – the ethnic group of North Sulawesi, which I bought at a restaurant around the corner from […]

So much more than nasgor!

Nasi goreng is Indonesia’s national dish but I’ve lived here for ten months and only eaten it a handful of times and only ordered it twice. The archipelago’s culinary creations comprise so much more than fried rice! The vertiginous variety required diligent study when I arrived in Bandung, and as a series of dot points […]

Manta Eclipse

What do you want to be when you grow up? Naturally being born and bred in the desert and living roughly equidistant from every Australian coastline I was obsessed with the ocean. A marine biologist! Almost every winter and summer holiday when my brother and I were kids Dad Tetrised the back of the Hilux, […]

Ramadan Lite

I asked desert sister girl Ronja Moss and her husband Shaan Reza Ali about Ramadan on Facebook on June 27: “Hello sayang [darling]! I am assuming you and Shaan are fasting for Ramadan? It begins tomorrow here. Sama dengan Oz? [Same in Oz?] I am thinking I might join in! Though I don’t think I […]

Festival Demokrasi

As printed in Readers Forum, The Jakarta Post, July 10 (sans un-usual editing): I left the taxi with a beaming smile. The driver’s parting salutation, after our spirited conversation and my Sundanese thank you of “Hatur nuhun Pak”, was “Ayo Jokowi!” It was all I needed to launch into the day feeling completely confident. I […]

The Week of One Thousand Photos

I reckon my biggest contribution to my host org, the South East Asian Ministers of Education Organisation Regional Centre for Quality Improvement in Teaching and Education Personnel in Science (SEAMEO QITEP in Science) (breathe in now), was shortening its acronym to SEAQIS. I recently spent a week in Bogor, a city of just over a […]